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Interference is an interactive festival that combines ethics with UX. The festival is focused on creating a trustworthy platform for young designers by using a sarcastic and tricky language that anyone can relate to.
Graphic Elisava 2020

Lots of things tend to happen during a graphic.elisava master’s program. Mountains of research. Maybe one or two existential crises. Designing so much that you have nightmares about mismatched hex codes.

In some weird twist of fate, this year’s biggest ‘thing’ ended up being a global pandemic. We were forced to embrace digitalism over presentialism, do more with less, and channel disillusionment into positivity. In school, the lesson comes before the test, but life often takes the opposite approach. We think we’re better for it.


For this year’s degree show we decided to continue the digitalist lifestyle that we’ve come to know. Pills replace name tags, thumbnails replace handshakes, and ingenuity replaces normality in order to illustrate how we view topics like “design ethics”, “comfort”, “manifestos”, and “freedom”.


This is graphic.elisava’s digital Degree Show. Find out more about the program at


Many thanks to this year’s students in the Graphic Design and the Editorial Design master’s degrees. The 2020 graphic.elisava Degree Show – both the platform and the campaign that precedes it – wouldn’t have been possible without the indefatigable work of a group of design students making time for it in the middle of their end-of-year presentations.

On the typeface

Thanks to Non Foundry for letting us use their Non®Natural Grotesk throughout the website and campaign of this digital Degree Show.

Visit to find out more about their work.

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We are creating a
culture of honesty.

Nowadays online scams are all over the internet.

They are increasing every day and affecting us without even noticing, but these particular ones are created by companies to reach their objectives.

Dark patterns are interfaces designed carefully to deliberately mislead users to choose a path they didn’t want to take such as clicking on fake buttons or unwittingly extending payments.

Interference is an interactive festival that combines ethics with UX.
The festival is focused on creating a trustworthy platform for young designers by using sarcastic  tone that anyone can relate to.

The identity was created by a three layer system, used as a way of noise, that consists on the mix of two fonts, the combination of practical examples that people had experienced and pop up windows, making the communication a complex path instead of easy and simple navigation.

Everything was created to make the user journey long and annoying.

Bringing dark patterns to real life.

A book about real life dark patterns with examples of day to day packaging that somehow tricks and mislead the costumers.

The packaging holds stationary objects that work in a completely opposite and dysfunctional way. The ruler instead of giving you the exact measure you need to count the number one by one. The book has the grid all messed up and the pen picks random ink colors instead the one you choose.

For the visual, is entirely made in a sarcastic tone, hence the pixelated figures and the tech interface noises. The visuals are also based on what dark patterns would look like in real life situations outside of the internet, but in an exaggerated way.

Disagio Festival
Marta Ramacciotti Marina Mariano

we want you to feel uncomfortable