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Urban Rolling

The Urban Rolling community wants to go local and support the city. Focussing on the young generation and motivating them to use human powered vehicles not only to move around but also as a lifestyle.
Graphic Elisava 2020

Lots of things tend to happen during a graphic.elisava master’s program. Mountains of research. Maybe one or two existential crises. Designing so much that you have nightmares about mismatched hex codes.

In some weird twist of fate, this year’s biggest ‘thing’ ended up being a global pandemic. We were forced to embrace digitalism over presentialism, do more with less, and channel disillusionment into positivity. In school, the lesson comes before the test, but life often takes the opposite approach. We think we’re better for it.


For this year’s degree show we decided to continue the digitalist lifestyle that we’ve come to know. Pills replace name tags, thumbnails replace handshakes, and ingenuity replaces normality in order to illustrate how we view topics like “design ethics”, “comfort”, “manifestos”, and “freedom”.


This is graphic.elisava’s digital Degree Show. Find out more about the program at


Many thanks to this year’s students in the Graphic Design and the Editorial Design master’s degrees. The 2020 graphic.elisava Degree Show – both the platform and the campaign that precedes it – wouldn’t have been possible without the indefatigable work of a group of design students making time for it in the middle of their end-of-year presentations.

On the typeface

Thanks to Non Foundry for letting us use their Non®Natural Grotesk throughout the website and campaign of this digital Degree Show.

Visit to find out more about their work.

Project Information

Urban Rolling

An editorial platform that focuses on street culture

Urbanization is on the rise everywhere in the world. However, the human powered vehicles still remain one of the most useful ways of moving from one place to another despite the advancements in road conditions, availability of highways, and number of private transport options. Modern society and the way people live today affects health on a certain level. We live around gadgets and things of convenience all day. Urban lifestyle pushes us to do unhealthy things that do more damage than good to our bodies.

The Urban Rolling community wants to go local and support the city. In consideration of types of alternative transportation, it’s been shown that skateboard, bicycle, rollers and scooters have been the most popular – think nature walks, cycling trips, scenic drives – along with family and food-themed trips following behind. Unsurprisingly, it’s also been shown that “the young will go first. With the young generation it will recover more quickly… and congested cities will be avoided”. Urban rolling is a way of living.

This editorial platform aims to inspire people using their energy to move around the city. It provides different info related to human powered vehicles. Visitors can find articles, interviews, events and places that alternative transportation mediums are used.

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