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The Greater Good

The Greater Good is a book that explores different aspects around cults and their manipulation. It is a compendium of real cases and stories combined with a narrative that allows the reader to understand what cults are, how and from when they appear, how they have evolved, and how they have managed to establish themselves in many unsuspected aspects of modern life.
Graphic Elisava 2020

Lots of things tend to happen during a graphic.elisava master’s program. Mountains of research. Maybe one or two existential crises. Designing so much that you have nightmares about mismatched hex codes.

In some weird twist of fate, this year’s biggest ‘thing’ ended up being a global pandemic. We were forced to embrace digitalism over presentialism, do more with less, and channel disillusionment into positivity. In school, the lesson comes before the test, but life often takes the opposite approach. We think we’re better for it.


For this year’s degree show we decided to continue the digitalist lifestyle that we’ve come to know. Pills replace name tags, thumbnails replace handshakes, and ingenuity replaces normality in order to illustrate how we view topics like “design ethics”, “comfort”, “manifestos”, and “freedom”.


This is graphic.elisava’s digital Degree Show. Find out more about the program at


Many thanks to this year’s students in the Graphic Design and the Editorial Design master’s degrees. The 2020 graphic.elisava Degree Show – both the platform and the campaign that precedes it – wouldn’t have been possible without the indefatigable work of a group of design students making time for it in the middle of their end-of-year presentations.

On the typeface

Thanks to Non Foundry for letting us use their Non®Natural Grotesk throughout the website and campaign of this digital Degree Show.

Visit to find out more about their work.

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The Greater Good

Cults are insane.
I would never fall
for that... Right?

When we hear about cults we always think about weird groups dressed up in black tunics performing some sort of mystic ritual back in the 70’s but, what are they really?

From ancient pagan cults, trough 70’s new age meditation groups, and to modern pyramid schemes, The Greater Good is a book not only about cults and gurus but an overall view on history, manipulation, and exploitative groups.

The book is structured in 3 different, and at the same time, connected parts.

It proposes a narrative and order but can be read in any order as a “Choose your own adventure” style.

The different chapters explore specific themes around cults like their history and creation or the role that women and kids played in different groups throughout history.

The intersections connect certain chapters creating thematic blocs alongside the book like the different characters involved in cults or their presence in media. Those sections help the reader to connect the different stories to see the bigger picture.

Finally, at the end of the book, the annexes tell the stories of all the cults mentioned in the book. The reader can find information like their history, rituals and beliefs, dates and different curiosities.

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